Your Cerakote Coating Questions Answered

If you want to protect your firearms from the elements and other factors related to wear and tear, consider Cerakote coating.

Pistols, rifles, and other guns are subject to corrosion and wear over time and with use — an issue that’s especially relevant for your favorite firearms that may be used under harsh climate conditions or stored in less-than-ideal settings. While spending time in the great outdoors hunting or shooting at an outdoor range is awesome, it is the very thing that causes rifles and scopes to wear out. 

It’s no surprise that firearms are subject to dents, scratches, and discoloration due to use. Exposure to natural elements and chemicals, particularly moisture, can cause the metal parts on your weapons to corrode. Thankfully, you can do something to protect your investments: Cerakote Coatings.

Today, we’re answering all of your questions about Cerakote and filling you in on how you can protect your valuable firearms against wear and tear. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cerakote Coating

Q: What is Cerakote Coating?

A: Cerakote is a ceramic finish and an ideal solution for protecting your guns against corrosion and other signs of wear and tear. It was only a couple of decades ago that firearms were covered with blued and stainless steel to protect them from external elements and forces. 

While these materials can protect your firearms from some things, they are not waterproof and, therefore, will not keep your weapons safe from water. These materials require plenty of effort, work, and upkeep on your part to keep moisture at bay and protect them from rust and corrosion. 

Cerakote is a solid finish composite of is a solid finish that is so hard it can withstand most impacts from drops — no more scratches and dings! It is proven to exhibit enhanced performance and reliability over other types of finishes.

Q: Should I Use a Certified Cerakote Coating Applicator?

A: Yes! If the company isn’t a certified Cerakote coating applicator, don’t trust them with your firearms. Certified applicators receive professional training to learn how to apply the coating properly. Only an accredited applicator is qualified to apply Cerakote to your guns.

Q: What Types of Cerakote Coatings Are There?

A: There are a few different types of coatings:

Cerakote H-Series — This is the most popular and durable type of Cerakote. This type wins the Best in Performance award for its degree of hardness, scratch- and wear resistance, and heat- and rust resistance. The H-Series also offers the largest selection of colors and perfectly adheres to all types of firearms. Because the H-Series requires heat to cure the finish, it is not typically used on optics such as range finders, scopes, range finders, and other items not highly heat resistant.

Cerakote C-Series — The C-series is meant for extremely high-temperature applications like sound suppressors and military weapons such as machine guns as well as scopes and other optics. Other applications can include fiberglass and substrates that cannot be baked since this coating doesn’t require the heat cure process like that of the H-Series. The C-Series is an extremely strong coating, but it is not as hard or as scratch-resistant as the H-Series and comes in a wide variety of color options.

Cerakote DFAC (Dry Film Anti-Carbon) — This coating is specifically made for high-wear internal firearm parts like bolts, bolt carriers, and other areas with tight fittings. This specialized coating minimizes wear and friction while boasting rust prevention properties. This coating is primarily functional versus aesthetic, and as a result, colors are limited to black and various grays. Once applied, this coating resists the accumulation of carbon and other debris, making the gun easier to clean and improving overall shooting performance.

Q: How Durable is Cerakote Coating?

A: Cerakote is incredibly durable. It is much more durable than any other after-market spray-on finish. It won’t flake, chip, or scratch off. There are many different types of finishes (sprayed, plated, chemical), but Cerakote is the most durable finish with many color options.

Q: Does Cerakote Coating Change the Function of a Firearm?

A: No, not even a little bit! You might find that some of the working parts might stick at first but will quit sticking after a bit of use.

Q: Which Kinds of Surfaces Can Cerakote Coatings Be Applied To?

A: Cerakote can be applied to many different firearm surfaces such as metal, wood, polymers, plastics, and more. It does not adhere to rubber.

Q: After Cerakote is Applied, How Are Firearms Cared For?

A: You will care for your gun the same way you did before the coating was applied. It does not require any special care.

Q: How Thick is Cerakote?

A: Cerakote is extremely thin, which is why it is a fantastic choice for many applications. In situations where tolerances are super tight, special attention is given to ensure necessary clearances of parts.

Q: Will Cerakote Coating restore the finish of an old firearm?

A: Yes, it will. It makes old, well-loved firearms look great and prevents any further damage and deterioration. Cerakote cannot restore metal that is pitted to its former smooth, perfect finish. However, with the proper application by someone certified, it will adhere fully and dramatically improve its appearance while stopping corrosion in its tracks.

Q: How Is My Firearm Prepared for Cerakote Coating?

A: First, your gun is fully disassembled— down to every spring, pin, and lever. Next, the parts that will be coated are placed in a degreaser to soak. Then, they are heated to draw out impurities and oil from the pores in the metal. This process is repeated as many times as necessary to ensure all contaminants are completely removed. Then, the parts are sandblasted down to the bare metal. Lastly, they are sprayed with Cerakote and heat-cured for hours until it is done.

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