Long Range Scopes

Rifle Scopes

Huskemaw Blue Diamond Series 5-20×50 Rifle Scope                                   $1499.00

Long-range big game hunting is largely about the scope you have mounted on your rifle. The Huskemaw 5-20 Rifle Scope is built for long-range hunting due to its highly technical engineering including True BC or ballistic coefficient, Hunt Smart range finding and windage compensating reticle, ballistic compensator, and fast focus eyepiece.  Even in low light hunting, the 50 mm objective lens provides for a clear, highly magnified image. Because of the advanced patented windage compensator and other features, the likelihood of a clean kill is greatly enhanced because accuracy is improved dramatically. Arguably the most advance scope on the market, the Huskmaw Blue Diamond 5-20 is a favorite among professional and sport hunters alike with 20 MOA per revolution adjustment featuring one-third MOA per click.

One of the factors that makes the Huskmaw 20 MOA unique is that with a 200 yard zero, the vast majority of your magnum calibers will be able to make an extended range shot with only one turn of the dial. The zero stop is also adjustable.

This high performance scope has a lifetime warranty and is make of a heavy construction 30 mm main tube that is waterproof and shockproof for hunting in extreme conditions. Each scope is custom designed for your bullet load drop, windage and exact ballistic coefficient. This scope comes with two ballistic turrets included in the price.

Huskmaw Blue Diamond 3×12-42                                                                      $1,099.00

Similar to the Huskemaw 5-20, the Huskemaw Optics 3-12 is loaded with technological advancements.  The scope boasts True BC, the Rapid Field Ballistic Compensator, and the impressively powerful Hunt Smart range finding and windage compensating reticle. This model has a 30mm main tube with a 42mm objective lens and side focus parallax correction dial for east of adjustment when you are in firing position.  The scope features 20 MOA per revolution and one-third MOS per click adjustment. Like its 5-20 counterpart, a 200-yard zero means that your extended range shots are on target with just one turn of the dial for most magnum calibers. Whether you are target shooting or stalking a nice buck or bull elk, this versatile scope is made for all types of weather and lighting conditions.

The Huskemaw 3-12 is fairly new to the market, giving hunters another premier option. Custom designed specifically for your bullet drop load, windage and ballistic coefficient, this highly accurate scope compensates for your True BD Profile making it perfect for all trajectories. A lifetime warranty backs up the quality and performance of this long-range scope and two ballistic turrets are included.

The Nightforce G-7 5.5×22-50                                                                               $2250.00

For precision in aiming, the Nightforce G-7 is among the top performing scopes available. Featuring a capped windage adjustment with their ballistic compensations system, G-7 is proud of this 5.5-22 model long-range rifle scope.

This hunting favorite includes a high speed 20 MOA per revolution adjustment, featuring ΒΌ MOA per click and zero stop design. The windage adjustment has a screw on cap that maintains the setting of the turret when stalking your game. The optically indexed lenses are aligned by hand to optimize performance even at dawn, dusk or in other low-light situations. This scope features customized bullet load, windage and exact ballistic coefficient, as well. Further, the entire scope is weatherproofed so the scope always functions, even in the most extreme conditions.  With proven accuracy at just less than 1000 yards combined with ease of use, this long-range scope is designed to hit the target on the first shot. Additional turrets are available for the Nightforce G-7 for $125.99 each.