How to Keep Your Gun From Rusting

As a firearm owner, it is essential to do all you can to keep your gun from rusting and becoming damaged.

Rust results from a chemical reaction that happens when iron and iron alloys come in contact with oxygen and water. Some things can worsen this situation, such as the oils and salts found on your fingertips, which trap moisture. Without proper maintenance and protection, your firearm collection could rust to the point of no return. If your firearms fall victim to rust, you can typically take care of the issue yourself; however, it is best to do all you can to prevent rust in the first place.

Read more about preventing gun rust below.

5 Ways to Keep Your Gun From Rusting

  1. Store Firearms With Low Humidity — One of the best ways to avoid rusting is to store your guns at the right humidity. Always keep your weapons in a dry and sun-free place. Sunlight can cause the metals in your firearms to react with other chemicals resulting in corrosion. The ideal conditions would be inside a high-quality gun safe that is designed to be air-tight and is equipped with a dehumidifier, 70° F, and 50-55% relative humidity.
  2. Coat Your Guns With Wax — Another effective way to prevent rust is to coat your firearms in a thin layer of wax. Choose a non-abrasive wax that can be used on all materials, including steel, wood, aluminum, leather, pearl, ivory, and more. Carefully disassemble and clean and remove all grease, sweat, and other debris from your weapon. With a thin coat of wax, cover the action and external components of your gun.
  3. Avoid Using Corrosive Ammunition — Ammo is really expensive, so it makes sense that many gun owners reach for the cheapest stuff. Well, when it comes to ammunition, you get what you pay for. Almost everything on the market uses non-corrosive primers, but not everything; just be careful what ammo you’re using since potassium chlorate or sodium chloride primers can quickly affect the metal surfaces they touch.
  4. Glove Up With White Gloves — Whenever possible, wear white gloves when handling your stored guns. White gloves will prevent the oils on your skin from transferring to your weapons. Moreover, when you wear gloves, you’ll allow your gun to communicate with you about whether or not it has been properly cleaned or not. Firearms that are dirty, oily, or rusty will leave their mark on your white gloves.
  5. Add Cerakote Coating to Your Gun — Cerakote is the best solution for protecting your guns against rust and other wear and tear. It is a ceramic sealant and finish that protects plastic, metal, polymers, and wood. The ceramic composite of Cerakote Coating is a solid finish that is so hard it can withstand the impacts from drops — no more scratches and dings!

Keep Your Gun From Rusting With SUB M.O.A. Firearms

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