Here Are the Best Gun Safes

If you’re interested in growing your firearms collection, you should research and invest in gun safes to ensure maximum safety in your home.

Are Gun Safes Worth the Expense?

Whether you’re a casual gun collector or a firearms enthusiast, one of the essential parts of your collection is a secure safe. Safes are beneficial for more than one reason, but most importantly, they are critical to the safety of those who live with you but do not have experience with firearms.

A gun in the arms of the wrong person can be deadly, so while gun safes can prove to be a hefty investment, a secure safe is invaluable to everyone in your home.

What are the Different Kinds of Gun Safes?

  • Biometric Safes – If you want technology on your side, a biometric vault is an ideal situation. These safes use fingerprint detection technology to unlock the locker instead of a code or padlock. Since there’s a 1-in 64 trillion chance of having identical fingerprints, it’s safe to say that this option will keep your firearms locked up for good.
  • In-Wall Vault – This isn’t so much a style of safe or lock, instead of where you put it. Right now, in-wall options are becoming increasingly popular for multiple reasons. The number one reason is to save space, but also, there’s no chance that someone could steal the safe.
  • Corner Vaults – Like the in-wall option, this is a big space saver if you can’t install something into your home. These come in various sizes, ranging from a two to ten rifle capacity.
  • Hidden Safes – Did you know you can opt for gun safes that are disguised as everyday household items, like picture frames and air vents? These will typically only hold one or two firearms, but they can be hidden in plain sight, ideal for storing self-defense firearms.
  • Under-Bed Safe – One of the most common places for someone to store a gun is under their bed. So, if you’re going to do that, make sure it’s locked up in a safe wide a code or biometric system that only you can provide.
  • Truck and Car Safe – If you’re licensed to carry a concealed weapon on your person or in your car, it may be wise to invest in a safe that goes in your center console or under the seat. You will be surprised to know how many car robberies can lead to gun theft.

What Gun Safe Suits My Needs Best?

Only you can decide what kind of safe is best to protect your firearms from ending up in the hands of the wrong person. And you may find that you need more than one type of safe. As mentioned previously, we highly recommend that you do your research and see which vaults will store all your firearms safely and in a matter that works best for you.

SUB M.O.A. Firearms is Here

Gun safes are proven to be valuable time and time again. Make sure you find one that suits you and your needs. At SUB M.O.A., we’re here to help. If you have any questions about firearms and safety tips, don’t hesitate to reach out.

And when you’ve secured that vault, come to us to create the custom refile you’ve been dreaming of. We’re proud to offer services that make your dream firearm a reality. Contact us today to learn more.