The Do’s and Don’ts of Firearm Safety

Whether you’re at home, a shooting range, or on a hunting trip, it’s essential to know the rules of firearm safety before handling a gun.

Even if you have been using firearms for years, you’re never too experienced to ignore safety. According to The National Safety Council, gun-related deaths from preventable causes totaled almost 40,000 in 2019 alone. To keep yourself and others safe from unfortunate accidents, adhere to the following tips:

DON’T Keep Your Firearm Loaded When Not in Use

As a gun owner, it’s your responsibility to prevent children or others from gaining access to a loaded firearm. To prevent accidents, your firearms should always be unloaded when they’re not being used. Only load them when you are on the target range area or in the field ready to shoot. As soon as you’re finished, unload it well before you bring it anywhere else. In addition, we recommend storing your guns and ammunition in separate, secured places.

DO Store Your Firearms in a Gun Safe

To safely secure your firearm, store it in a safe with a keyed or combination lock. If it has keys, make sure they are out of reach of children or unauthorized adults. Remember to keep the ammunition in a separate container as well.

DON’T Point at Something You Don’t Intend to Shoot

Even if you’re certain that your gun is unloaded, you should never aim it at something you don’t intend to shoot; this is one of the most imperative rules surrounding firearm safety. Even if you’re a very experienced gun handler, this is a good practice to live by to safeguard yourself and others against deadly accidents.

DO Use Correct Ammunition

Ammunition is not a “one size fits all” situation, so take extra caution when selecting the ammo for your gun. Heed all warnings and be absolutely certain that the ammunition you’re using matches the specifications of your firearm. Using incorrect ammunition could cause serious injuries or damage your gun for good.

DON’T Rely on the Gun’s “Safety”

The “safety” is an essential component of all firearms, but you shouldn’t exclusively rely on it to keep it from firing. Instead, treat every gun as though it might fire at any time. Keep the safety in the on position until you are completely ready to fire.

DO Have Your Firearms Serviced Regularly

Just as your car isn’t designed to last forever, firearms are mechanical devices that are subject to wear. To ensure that your gun is always safe to use, you should have it regularly inspected and serviced by a trustworthy gunsmith. Firearms should be cleaned and oiled after every use as well.

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