Custom Ammunition

It’s not enough to have a custom firearm for long range shooting. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, and there are numerous benefits to purchasing custom ammunition. You’ve invested in your customized long range rifle, whether it’s a Justin Richins original designed just for you or one he’s fine tuned it to your specifications. You’ve spent hours, years or even a lifetime honing your hunting skills. If you’re ready to literally bring home the bacon (or more likely moose or mule deer), don’t stop now—your firearm and you deserve customized ammunition, too.
Enjoy the best ammo on the market, specifically designed for each gun and the type of hunting you enjoy. If you specialize in hunting moose, both your rifle and your ammo should reflect that. If mule deer is your game, you need special ammunition created just for that sport. Highly tuned bullets vary from rifle to rifle, hunter to hunter, and game to game. You wouldn’t put unleaded in a diesel engine—why put anything but the perfect match in your rifle?

The Perfect Match

As a hunter, you have your reasons for your game of choice. This isn’t just a sport for you, it’s a way of life. A passion. A skill. Every hunter deserves the best tools, and perfection is all in the details. When you have custom ammunition designed especially for your choice rifle, everything is more enjoyable. Oftentimes, you only have one “shot.” Don’t let the wrong ammunition get in your way. Even the best hunter can miss his or her mark if they depend on bulk, factory-made ammunition that was designed to work “well enough” for a variety of rifles.
When it comes to your sport, you deserve the very best—inside and out. Ammo that’s handcrafted, fits perfectly in your long range rifle and matches your skill. It optimizes your shot, and it can make the difference between a bountiful season and a frustrating one. As you’ve honed your marksmanship over the years, you likely have acquired a frustrating anecdote (or a dozen) about close calls and those maddening “almosts.” But how many of those near misses were actually the fault of subpar equipment and factory ammunition?
A hunter is only as good as their equipment and vice versa. Through and through, the best quality products result in the best quality hunting.