Cerakote™ Coating: Is It Durable?

As a gun owner, you know that firearms are subject to corrosion and wear with use, but Cerakote™ Coating is the solution to protecting your valuables.

Cerakote™ Coating is known for being highly durable, providing maximum hardness, making your firearm easier to clean, preventing corrosion, and more. Continue reading to learn more about this protective coating and how your guns could benefit from it.

What Is Cerakote Coating?

Cerakote™ is a ceramic-based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers, wood, and is most commonly used as a type of gun sealant. This exclusive product enhances several physical performance properties including impact strength, corrosion resistance, abrasion/wear resistance, chemical resistance, and hardness.

How Is Cerakote Coating Applied?

Cerakote™ Coating is very effective but needs to be applied carefully and with much attention to detail. Only someone who is suitably trained should perform the application; otherwise, you risk damaging your firearm. The proper steps and guidelines include:

  1. Full disassembly of the firearm is required to ensure that the coating works properly. Field stripping alone will not suffice.
  2. After disassembly, all components are fully degreased with a sandblast to ensure that any grease is gone. Any oil left on the firearm can ruin the coating.
  3. The Cerakote finish is applied carefully by someone who is professionally trained. If too much or too little is applied to the firearm, it will not function properly.
  4. Once the coating has been applied, the components are oven-cured. All metal parts are cured at 250 degrees, while the rest are cured at 180 degrees.

Advantages of Cerakoteto Other Coatings

Cerakote™ has many advantages over other coatings that can be applied to firearms. First, it acts as a lubricant. Many gun owners share that they need to use far less lubrication than before. Plus, less dust and dirt are attracted to Cerakote™, so you know your firearm is always operating at maximum capacity.

Cerakote™ also prevents oxidation and corrosion. If you are in a moist environment or in a position where you might be sweating a lot, corrosion and oxidation are inevitable. Cerakote™ will make a night and day difference in protecting against these elements.       

Disadvantages of Cerakote Coating

There are very few disadvantages to Cerakote™ and none of them have to do with the quality of the product. As mentioned previously, Cerakote™ Coating is exceedingly difficult to apply correctly. If you skip the professional route and attempt to apply it on your own, it could get into the firing pin and permanently damage your firearm.

Another disadvantage is that applying Cerakote™ requires a complete and total disassemble of the firearm. After it is disassembled, thorough sandblasting is also needed so the coating will stick. The process can be quite extensive, which is why we always recommend utilizing a certified applicator to get the job done right.

Choose SUB M.O.A. Firearms for Cerakote™ Coating Applications

Your guns deserve to last a lifetime, so visit SUB M.O.A. Firearms for a Cerakote™ Coating application that exceeds industry standards. Our certified applicator, Justin Richins, has years of experience, passion, and skill to ensure that your firearm is in pristine working condition.

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