Here Are the Best Gun Safes

If you’re interested in growing your firearms collection, you should research and invest in gun safes to ensure maximum safety in your home.

Are Gun Safes Worth the Expense?

Whether you’re a casual gun collector or a firearms enthusiast, one of the essential parts of your collection is a secure safe. Safes are beneficial for more than one reason, but most importantly, they are critical to the safety of those who live with you but do not have experience with firearms.

A gun in the arms of the wrong person can be deadly, so while gun safes can prove to be a hefty investment, a secure safe is invaluable to everyone in your home.

What are the Different Kinds of Gun Safes?

  • Biometric Safes – If you want technology on your side, a biometric vault is an ideal situation. These safes use fingerprint detection technology to unlock the locker instead of a code or padlock. Since there’s a 1-in 64 trillion chance of having identical fingerprints, it’s safe to say that this option will keep your firearms locked up for good.
  • In-Wall Vault – This isn’t so much a style of safe or lock, instead of where you put it. Right now, in-wall options are becoming increasingly popular for multiple reasons. The number one reason is to save space, but also, there’s no chance that someone could steal the safe.
  • Corner Vaults – Like the in-wall option, this is a big space saver if you can’t install something into your home. These come in various sizes, ranging from a two to ten rifle capacity.
  • Hidden Safes – Did you know you can opt for gun safes that are disguised as everyday household items, like picture frames and air vents? These will typically only hold one or two firearms, but they can be hidden in plain sight, ideal for storing self-defense firearms.
  • Under-Bed Safe – One of the most common places for someone to store a gun is under their bed. So, if you’re going to do that, make sure it’s locked up in a safe wide a code or biometric system that only you can provide.
  • Truck and Car Safe – If you’re licensed to carry a concealed weapon on your person or in your car, it may be wise to invest in a safe that goes in your center console or under the seat. You will be surprised to know how many car robberies can lead to gun theft.

What Gun Safe Suits My Needs Best?

Only you can decide what kind of safe is best to protect your firearms from ending up in the hands of the wrong person. And you may find that you need more than one type of safe. As mentioned previously, we highly recommend that you do your research and see which vaults will store all your firearms safely and in a matter that works best for you.

SUB M.O.A. Firearms is Here

Gun safes are proven to be valuable time and time again. Make sure you find one that suits you and your needs. At SUB M.O.A., we’re here to help. If you have any questions about firearms and safety tips, don’t hesitate to reach out.

And when you’ve secured that vault, come to us to create the custom refile you’ve been dreaming of. We’re proud to offer services that make your dream firearm a reality. Contact us today to learn more.

5 Pro Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Your Gun

Maintenance is an essential part of owning a handgun, and cleaning your gun is a step that cannot be overlooked.

If you want your guns to last as long as they possibly can, avoid common issues associated with poor maintenance, and work to their fullest capabilities, taking care of them regularly is crucial. 

One of the most essential steps in firearm maintenance is cleaning your weapon. While this may feel like a tedious step for some, thoroughly cleaning your firearm can be a fun and therapeutic process. If you can’t be out shooting your guns, taking care of them is the next best thing.

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5 Tips for Cleaning Your Gun and Regular Maintenance

The exact steps you’ll take to clean your firearm depend on its make and model. However, many maintenance tips apply to all guns, regardless of the type of weapon you own. Here are some universally applicable care tips:

  1. The Owner’s Manual is Your Friend — If you are new to your particular firearm or need a refresher on assembling and disassembling your piece, always consult your owner’s manual. It holds everything you need to know about your gun and more, so don’t be afraid to use it. If your weapon is pre-owned, it may not have come with a manual, but you can always request one from the manufacturer or find one online.
  2. Prepare the Area Ahead of Time — Before you disassemble your firearm for cleaning and maintenance, collect all of the supplies you’ll need and set up your workstation. That way, you won’t have to keep getting up to grab something and interrupt your workflow. Set up a space with good lighting, ventilation, and plenty of room to spread out.
  3. Use an Organizer for Loose Components — As you disassemble your gun, you’ll have a lot of small parts, such as springs and screws. Don’t chance losing or misplacing them! Use an organizer with small divided sections to help you manage all the pieces and keep track of everything.
  4. Make Sure the Chambers Are Empty — As a gun owner, safety must be your number one priority, even when you’re cleaning it. Even if you are sure the chamber and magazine are empty, it’s good practice to double-check. Remove the magazine, store all ammunition in your gun safe while you work, and continuously engage the safety feature on your firearm.
  5. Check Your Work and Then Check Again — For the sake of safety and proper function, make sure to double-check your work. Use your owner’s manual to confirm your firearm is assembled correctly. Once it looks good, conduct a quick function test to ensure all mechanisms are working and that nothing catches or prevents firing.

Cleaning Your Gun? Let the Pros at SUB M.O.A. Firearms Help!

Cleaning your gun will help to avoid performance issues and lengthen the lifespan of your firearm. If you want help maintaining your weapon, contact SUB M.O.A. Firearms for all your gunsmithing needs. We are located in Henefer, Utah, and can do everything from repairing, building, and cleaning guns. Contact our experienced team to learn more about our services today.

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Going to the Shooting Range

Did you know that regularly going to the shooting range is a fantastic way to relieve your stress?

If there’s one thing all humans have in common, it’s that we each experience stress throughout our lives. Between work, family, health, financials, and more, there is a lot for people to feel overwhelmed about in today’s modern world. That’s why finding ways to take the load off, relax, and enjoy yourself is crucial! Thankfully, there are countless ways to do it! For example, heading to your local shooting range can help reduce everyday stresses and bring other health benefits to your life.

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5 Health Benefits of Going to the Shooting Range That May Surprise You

  1. Increased Hand-Eye Coordination — Focusing on a far-off target, aiming, and shooting a round takes a significant amount of hand-eye coordination. Regularly practicing these skills at the range will help you find your dominant eye, help you become a more skilled shooter, and vastly improve your hand-eye coordination in other aspects of your life, too.
  2. More Social Interaction — A great way to spend time and improve your bond with your friends and family is by putting in a few hours at the shooting range. Or, if you’re looking to make new buddies, the range is an excellent place to it! The sense of belonging and being part of a community can be therapeutic in many ways.
  3. Improved Self-Confidence — If you have tried something as a complete novice, practiced, and worked your way to being an experienced and skilled pro, you understand how much that can increase your self-confidence. Shooting firearms is no different. Having high self-esteem can positively impact your work, relationships, and your ability to constructively receive feedback (all of which could potentially be stressful). As you practice perfecting your shot, you’ll feel your confidence soar with each bit of improvement you make.
  4. Change of Scenery — Do you ever feel like you’re starring in the movie Groundhog Day? Wake up, eat, work, come home, eat, sleep, and repeat. If you’re looking for ways to mix things up and get out of the house, heading to your local gun range can be a significant change of pace outside of your norm.
  5. Enjoying Yourself and Having Fun — Life is busy, and taking time to enjoy yourself, time to have fun is a must. Allowing time for yourself is essential to achieving a healthy mental state and finding balance in your life.

Visit the Shooting Range at SUB M.O.A. Firearms

Come by the private shooting range at SUB M.O.A. Firearms today if you want to enjoy these health benefits! Located in Henefer, Utah, we are the Mountain West’s most prestigious long-range shooting institute. 

We offer individualized courses for all, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced shooter. Our instructor, Justin Richins, has the experience, training, and skills to thoroughly explain and demonstrate the science of long-range shooting to help his students meet their goals of making accurate shots from various positions and in different conditions and situations. Contact us today to learn more.

3 Reasons to Clean Your Gun

Taking time to clean your gun is an essential part of caring for your firearm and should never be skipped!

Between hobby, sport, self-defense, and more, there are plenty of reasons why people purchase and use firearms. Whatever your reasoning is, maintenance is a crucial part of owning a gun. Regular and thorough cleanings will keep your weapon operating well and prevent many common problems associated with sub-par gun maintenance. Below you’ll find three reasons why caring for your firearm is necessary.

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3 Reasons You Should Clean Your Gun Regularly

There are many reasons why making it a priority to clean your gun is a good idea, from learning more about how your gun operates to protecting your life and others’. By frequently taking apart your weapon and thoroughly cleaning each component, you will benefit from a better function gun that lasts a lot longer. Here are some specific reasons why you should clean your firearm regularly:

  1. Learn the Ins and Outs of Your Gun — As you take apart and put your gun back together, you’ll gain a better understanding of how it works and what exactly goes on inside of it when you pull the trigger. Guns are machines packed full of tiny, intricate working parts, which is easy to forget since it appears to be a single unit looking from the outside. Learning about your gun’s internal elements will help you gain a new respect for it and give you a better idea of why you should clean it often.
  2. Ensure Safety and Reliability — Frequently and thoroughly cleaning your firearm will keep it in tip-top shape and in good working order. As you clean it, you’ll remove gunk and other kinds of buildup, allowing your gun to work at its top performance. Residue, dirt, and other debris will build up each time you shoot and can clog up your gun’s barrel and other components. This can lead to your firearm being unpredictable, and precision can be compromised.
  3. Increase the Life of Your Firearm — Depending on how well you care for your guns, they can last from a few years to several generations! With a consistent and straightforward maintenance routine, you can significantly lengthen the life of your weapon. How often you use your gun (or don’t use it) will determine how often you should clean it, but even doing the bare minimum will have a significant impact.

Contact SUB M.O.A. Firearms for All of Your Gunsmithing Needs

It is essential to clean your gun to avoid issues like subpar performance, inaccurate shooting, and even safety concerns. 

In Henefer, Utah, Justin Richins doesn’t just repair and build guns; he also offers clients the protection that accompanies top-of-the-line Cerakote finishing. Whether you want to add a layer of Cerakote protection to your favorite hunting rifle, or a thorough cleaning and repair, SUB M.O.A. is your go-to place! Contact our team of experts today to learn more about our services.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Gun Lover

Finding the perfect present for your favorite gun lover can be difficult, but we’re here to help you with some exciting holiday gift options.

With the holidays fast approaching, you’ve likely already begun your search for gifts for your loved ones. But finding the perfect gift for the gun enthusiast in your life can be tricky. That’s why we created this holiday gift guide to help you in your search for the firearm owner who already has it all.

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4 Awesome Gifts to Give the Gun Lover This Holiday Season

Many gun lovers already have a massive collection of firearm accessories and gear, so finding the perfect gift can be challenging. They probably already have a holster or two that they love, a cleaning kit, concealed carrying cases, scopes, safes, and more. Here are four unique gifts that the gun lover in your life is sure to love — maybe you’ll even find something for yourself, too!

Custom Rifle — There’s always room for another gun in the collection, especially if it’s a custom rifle from SUB M.O.A. Firearms. Finding a firearm that fits your exact frame and specific wants and needs is just about impossible unless you go the custom route. And we think every gun enthusiast should have a firearm made just for them! Contact us today to get the process started!

Gunsmithing — Give the gun lover in your life the gift of some TLC for their beloved firearm collection. SUB M.O.A. ‘s master gunsmith, Justin Richins, has been a shooter for life, so he understands how disappointing poor craftsmanship can be. It leads to inaccurate shooting, subpar performance, and sometimes even safety concerns. But we’re here to help with all of your gunsmithing needs

Custom Ammunition — For avid hunters, having custom ammunition in addition to their custom firearm is essential. People spend countless hours, months, and possibly even a lifetime preparing themselves and honing their skills. In most hunting situations, it comes down to that “one shot.” Don’t let your loved one waste their one shot with just any old ammo. Let them enjoy the best ammo on the market, that was specifically designed for their gun and the type of hunting they love. Thankfully, the pros at SUB M.O.A. Firearms can help!

Shooting School — Whether your loved one is a beginner or an advanced shooter, there’s always room to learn something new at the Mountain West’s most prestigious long-range shooting institution at SUB M.O.A. Firearms. Our instructor, Justin Richins, has the experience, training, and skills to fully explain and demonstrate the science of long-range shooting so the people taking his courses can meet their goals of accurate shooting from various positions and situations. Reach out to the team at SUB M.O.A. Firearms to learn more.

Find the Gift for the Gun Lover in Your Life at SUB M.O.A. Firearms Today!

Finding the perfect gift for your favorite gun lover is made easy with the professionals at SUB M.O.A. Firearms! Our team of experts is located in Henefer, UT, and is ready to help you with all of your holiday shopping today! Contact us to learn more.

7 Ways You Can Improve Your Shooting Skills

If you are serious about hunting and the sport of shooting, you’ll need to dedicate time to sharpen and improve your shooting skills.

There are many reasons why people carry and use guns. Some are hunters, some use them for self-defense, and for others, it’s a hobby. Regardless of your “why” and whether you’re new to the sport or are experienced, there are always ways to improve your skills. By implementing the following tips, tricks, and suggestions, you’ll become a master shooter in no time!

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7 Ways to Improve Your Shooting Skills

  1. Safety First — Carrying and using a gun is a huge responsibility. Being safe and responsible is the most important shooting skill you can have. Always treat your firearm as though it were loaded, never point at someone or yourself, always wear necessary gear, and follow all other safety rules.

  2. Perfect Your Stance — The way you are standing while shooting your gun has a huge effect on your ability to shoot the target. There are many positions you can be in to shoot a gun, but if you’re a novice, you may want to start with the basics here: keep your feet about shoulder-width apart, and, for right-hand shooters, put your left foot slightly forward, and the right foot just a little bit back.

  3. Learn to Control Your Breathing — Did you know how you breathe while shooting could mess up your ability to hit the target accurately? Breathing while you pull the trigger could be causing your aim to be off.

  4. Bring Your Own Gear — Avid skiers have their own skis, and golfers have their own clubs. You can rent gear and eye protection at your local shooting range, but if you’re serious about the sport, consider investing in your own gear. 

  5. Run Drills Over and Over — Athletes of all sports run repeatedly run drills, and practicing with your gun will be no different. Consistency and repeatability are essential elements of marksmanship. You may get lucky here and there with a bullseye shot, but you cannot rely on luck when using firearms. Become consistent, smooth, and accurate with your trigger press.

  6. Master Your Weapon — It is essential to get familiar with your gun; get to know it like you know your own two hands. Learn every part of it as if it were an extension of your own body. In some situations, fumbling over the controls could be the difference between life and death. Don’t let that happen to you! Become the master of your weapon.

  7. Enroll in Shooting School — One of the best ways to improve your shot is to enroll in a reputable shooting institute. You’ll be able to meet with a teacher who can teach you various ways to improve your skill and explain and demonstrate the science and art of shooting your gun.

Improve Your Shooting Skills with SUB M.O.A. Firearms In Henefer, Utah

If you want to improve your skills, then you’ll want to enroll in the Mountain West’s most prestigious long-range shooting school at SUB M.O.A. Firearms. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced shooter, we have individualized courses for you. 

Our experienced and knowledgeable instructor, Justin Richins, can help you meet your goals of improved and accurate shots in various positions and under many different conditions. Contact our team today to learn more. We serve clients all throughout Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming.

How to Keep Your Gun From Rusting

As a firearm owner, it is essential to do all you can to keep your gun from rusting and becoming damaged.

Rust results from a chemical reaction that happens when iron and iron alloys come in contact with oxygen and water. Some things can worsen this situation, such as the oils and salts found on your fingertips, which trap moisture. Without proper maintenance and protection, your firearm collection could rust to the point of no return. If your firearms fall victim to rust, you can typically take care of the issue yourself; however, it is best to do all you can to prevent rust in the first place.

Read more about preventing gun rust below.

5 Ways to Keep Your Gun From Rusting

  1. Store Firearms With Low Humidity — One of the best ways to avoid rusting is to store your guns at the right humidity. Always keep your weapons in a dry and sun-free place. Sunlight can cause the metals in your firearms to react with other chemicals resulting in corrosion. The ideal conditions would be inside a high-quality gun safe that is designed to be air-tight and is equipped with a dehumidifier, 70° F, and 50-55% relative humidity.
  2. Coat Your Guns With Wax — Another effective way to prevent rust is to coat your firearms in a thin layer of wax. Choose a non-abrasive wax that can be used on all materials, including steel, wood, aluminum, leather, pearl, ivory, and more. Carefully disassemble and clean and remove all grease, sweat, and other debris from your weapon. With a thin coat of wax, cover the action and external components of your gun.
  3. Avoid Using Corrosive Ammunition — Ammo is really expensive, so it makes sense that many gun owners reach for the cheapest stuff. Well, when it comes to ammunition, you get what you pay for. Almost everything on the market uses non-corrosive primers, but not everything; just be careful what ammo you’re using since potassium chlorate or sodium chloride primers can quickly affect the metal surfaces they touch.
  4. Glove Up With White Gloves — Whenever possible, wear white gloves when handling your stored guns. White gloves will prevent the oils on your skin from transferring to your weapons. Moreover, when you wear gloves, you’ll allow your gun to communicate with you about whether or not it has been properly cleaned or not. Firearms that are dirty, oily, or rusty will leave their mark on your white gloves.
  5. Add Cerakote Coating to Your Gun — Cerakote is the best solution for protecting your guns against rust and other wear and tear. It is a ceramic sealant and finish that protects plastic, metal, polymers, and wood. The ceramic composite of Cerakote Coating is a solid finish that is so hard it can withstand the impacts from drops — no more scratches and dings!

Keep Your Gun From Rusting With SUB M.O.A. Firearms

If you want to keep your gun from rusting, preserve and protect it with Cerakote Coating. The professional team at SUB M.O.A. Firearms in Henefer, Utah, is a Cerakote Certified Applicator and can help you protect your firearms from corrosion. Contact SUB M.O.A. to learn more today.

What to Look for in a Gun Safe

If you own a firearm, there are many reasons why you should seriously consider investing in a quality gun safe to protect your loved ones.

Selecting and purchasing a gun locker is a considerable investment. Like other big buys, you should approach buying a safe as though it’s a lifetime purchase; because it is! A high-quality gun should last you a lifetime and more. So, as you shop around, it’s important to remember that not all gun safes are created equally or even offer the same advantages. Some gun safes are poorly made and do not live up to their claims. That’s where we come in — we’re here to help you know what exactly to look for in a gun safe.

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5 Things to Look for When Buying a Gun Safe

A Good Lock — There are a few options in terms of locks for your safety. Between combination, electronic, and biometric locks, there’s just about something for everyone. Keep in mind that each comes with advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • COMBINATION LOCKS: Many people love combo locks because they do not require batteries, they are low maintenance, and someone observing your combination sequence is a lot more tricky. However, these locks can be temperamental, are slow to open, and a locksmith is required to change the combination for you.
  • ELECTRONIC LOCKS: Electronic locks are cost-effective, quick, and easy to use, can integrate with your home security system, offer penalty lockouts, and are a prevalent choice. But, they do require battery changes.
  • BIOMETRIC LOCKS: A few advantages of biometric locks include quick access, flexibility, and ease (most biometric safes allow for several fingerprints). Unfortunately, biometric locks are not always 100% reliable (if your fingers are dirty or have a cut on them, the lock might not work), more expensive, and the technology is still relatively new.

Fire Safeguards — Most gun locker manufacturers have fire-resistant options. But keep in mind that fire ratings are not tested by just one outside source. Each manufacturer will hire out independent labs for their ratings which lleads to inconsistencies and conflicting reviews. Make sure to do your homework.

Size — One of the biggest complaints of previous gun safe buyers is that they do not purchase a big enough safe and wish they had bought a bigger one since firearm collections grow, and people often store other items besides guns inside the safe. When you’re looking for your perfect gun safe, think about your future, too. A decent rule of thumb is to select a safe that is one and a half to two times bigger than your current needs.

Corrosion Control — Moisture can become trapped inside your gun safe and cause all sorts of issues such as rust and corrosion. Make sure the gun locker you select has safeguards in place to protect your investments and keep them dry and in pristine condition. 

Storage Options — As previously mentioned, you’ll probably end up storing plenty of your belongings outside of your gun collection, such as important documents, jewelry, heirlooms, cash, and more. So, if you see yourself using your safe for such things, look into other storage options than just places to put your guns. Look for adjustable shelves, drawers, and a variety of slot sizes for all of your needs. 

Contact SUB M.O.A. Firearms

Investing in a quality gun safe is a great way to protect your firearm collection. For all of your firearm needs, contact the experts at SUB M.O.A. Firearms! Contact us today to learn more. We are proudly located in Henefer, Utah.

7 Accessories Every Firearm Owner Should Have

There are a handful of accessories and gear that every firearm owner should have, and we are here to fill you in on everything you need to know

If you are the owner of a firearm, you need several items and accessories to outfit and protect your gun. Similar to many other big purchases, guns require special attention and care to work it best. Between safety, functionality, and convenience, you’ll be happy you have the additional gear to keep your firearm working at peak performance.

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The 7 Accessories Every Firearm Owner Needs

Keep your guns in prime condition with the following firearm essentials:

  1. At-Home Storage Options — Owning a firearm is a huge responsibility, and keep it secure is crucial. Many safes are available on the market today, including a large, stationary gun safe or quick-access portable safe. To keep your weapon close but inconspicuously, you may want to invest in furniture with secret compartments. You can conceal your firearm safely and securely, but have it close for quick and easy access.

  2. On-the-Go Storage Options — Whether you use your guns for hunting or tactical use, you’ll want a way to carry your weapons on the go. You may opt for a holster for open or concealed carry, a well-fitting rifle sling that makes long hikes comfortable, or a gear bag that sports handy padded compartments and interiors that will protect your firearm.

  3. Maintenance Kit — If you plan on taking apart your firearms for routine care, maintenance, or to add accessories, you want to invest in the right tools specifically made for guns. Avoid using other tools since they could damage your weapons.

  4. Cleaning Supplies — Every time a gun is fired, it leaves a small amount of residue of lead and carbon on its surface. Corrosion can occur thanks to moisture surrounding your firearm. Not to mention the oils that are left behind from handling it. Because of all of this, a gun cleaning kit is essential.

  5. Dehumidifier — Speaking of moisture, it’s important to keep your firearms dry while they’re stored, especially if you live in a region with high humidity.

  6. Protective Eye and Ear Gear — Always wear eye and ear protection to avoid injuring yourself when using your gun. The decibel level of a gunshot is similar to thunder and can damage your eardrums. Additionally, shrapnel from ejected shells can cause injury to your body, especially your eyes.

  7. Training — The two most crucial accessories a gun owner can have are knowledge and training in safely using their weapon in various scenarios. Continually educating yourself in self-defense and tactical use, hunting etiquette, safety protocols, and more is necessary and well worth the investment.

Are You a Firearm Owner? Contact SUB M.O.A. Firearms Today!

If you are a firearm owner, it is essential to take good care of and protect your weapon, and the expert gunsmiths at SUB M.O.A. Firearms are here to help. 

Whether you need an experienced gunsmith, want to practice at a private shooting range, want to protect your gun with Cerakote Coating, are ready to attend shooting school, want a custom long-range rifle and ammo, and more, our highly trained and knowledgeable team is available to assist you in Henefer, Utah. Contact SUB M.O.A. Firearms for all of your firearm needs today.

What Every First-Time Gun Buyer Needs to Know

If you are a first-time gun buyer, there are several things you need to know and to consider before pulling the trigger (pun very much intended!).

More and more people in the United States are purchasing guns, and it is essential that each buyer know a few things. Owning a firearm is a huge responsibility and understanding its fundamentals is absolutely necessary. If you’re new to gun ownership, the process of buying one can be intimidating. Thankfully, we’re here to fill you in on everything you need to know about buying your first gun.

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4 Tips for the First-Time Gun Buyer

Before you buy your gun, make sure you think about the following things:

Know Your Reasoning — There are many reasons why a person wants to purchase a gun. Before you buy, make sure you know your “why.” Whether you want a new hobby, are a hunter, or simply want a gun for protection and self-defense, understanding your specific reasoning can help you buy the right type of gun.

Practice Before You Buy — Before you make your purchase, you may want to consider purchasing a membership to a shooting range so you can practice, get comfortable, and figure out which firearm you want to commit to buying. While having a range membership before you buy a gun may seem backward, it actually comes with several benefits. The time spent at the range will give you the experience you need to know what you like, and maybe more importantly, what you don’t like and what works for you.

Understand the Risks — Another thing to consider before buying a gun is to make sure you understand all of the risks involved. It’s simple: owning a gun makes death or injury more likely. If you keep a gun in your home, it is crucial to keep your gun securely stored, especially if you have young children or teens. Properly storing your firearm (meaning in a gun safe or gun box) is essential for both the protection of your weapon and, more importantly, your family. 

Get Trained — Regardless of the type of gun you buy, you must get the property training so you and those around you can stay safe. There are many gun education and safety courses you can attend that will teach you how to use your gun, including self-defense tactics, understanding legal issues, and liability consequences of using your weapon. It is highly recommended that every first-time gun buyer take at least one safety and training course to help you feel more confident when using your firearm.

First-time Gun Buyer? Contact the Experts at SUB M.O.A. Firearms 

Whether you are a first-time gun buyer or have lots of experience in the field, if you’re in the market for a custom long-range rifle or are ready to attend shooting school, contact the pros at SUB M.O.A. Firearms today! Our team of experts can help you make an educated decision when purchasing your firearm. Contact us today to learn more. We are proudly located in Henefer, Utah.