The Benefits of Using a Rangefinder

Today’s hunters and sportsmen have countless tools they can utilize to help them during their hunt—one of the most important being the rangefinder.

Rangefinders have found their way to the top of many hunters and other sportsmen’s lists of must-have hunting equipment and are incredibly valuable during your hunt. Because of their compact design and lightweight nature, rangefinders are the perfect tool for your hunt and more. On top of that, they are easy to use! If you’re on the fence about using rangefinders, let us tell you why every gun user needs a quality rangefinder.

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5 Benefits of Utilizing a Rangefinder

  1. Zero Guesswork — The biggest benefit of using a rangefinder is that you can know the exact distance between you and your target. By tapping the button on your device, your tiny machine will send out a laser beam to whatever you’re aiming at, bounce off, and come back. This process allows your device to measure the distance accurately. Without one, you are stuck guessing how far away your target is. Get a clean and precise show with a rangefinder!

  2. Improve Your Skills — Ideally, you’d be able to use your device every time before you pull the trigger. Unfortunately, you won’t always have time to pull it out, especially if you’re using it during a hunt and a trophy buck unexpectedly walks into view. With frequent and regular use of your rangefinder, your skills of accurately estimating distances will improve. 
  3. Get Closer Without Getting Closer — Have you ever been on a hunt and tried to get closer only to ruin your shot and scaring away that trophy buck? It doesn’t take much to spook animals—a quiet rustling of leaves or snapping twigs is all it takes to send your target running out of view. Instead of physically getting closer and risking scaring off your prey, you can use a rangefinder to get a closer look. 
  4. Refine Your Shot Accuracy — Today’s technology has changed the accuracy and precision of the way we shoot guns. You can now determine whether or not you are on track to hit your target or if something is standing between the two of you. Rangefinders can help you monitor your shot clearance and hit your target instead of a tree branch or rock. 
  5. Leave Your Binoculars at Home — Many sportsmen opt to use binoculars during their outings, but bringing a rangefinder in place of binoculars may be better. High-performance and high-quality rangefinders work similarly to binoculars, but you have the added benefit of knowing the distance between you and your target. You can also get a wider field of vision, allowing you to see more than you would with binoculars.

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A rangefinder is the best accessory and tool that every sportsman needs. Using a rangefinder can drastically improve the way you shoot your gun. Make sure you have a quality rangefinder to bring along on every outdoor activity, especially at the shooting range. Contact the pros at SUB M.O.A Firearms today to learn more! We’re proudly located in Henefer, Utah.