7 Accessories Every Firearm Owner Should Have

There are a handful of accessories and gear that every firearm owner should have, and we are here to fill you in on everything you need to know

If you are the owner of a firearm, you need several items and accessories to outfit and protect your gun. Similar to many other big purchases, guns require special attention and care to work it best. Between safety, functionality, and convenience, you’ll be happy you have the additional gear to keep your firearm working at peak performance.

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The 7 Accessories Every Firearm Owner Needs

Keep your guns in prime condition with the following firearm essentials:

  1. At-Home Storage Options — Owning a firearm is a huge responsibility, and keep it secure is crucial. Many safes are available on the market today, including a large, stationary gun safe or quick-access portable safe. To keep your weapon close but inconspicuously, you may want to invest in furniture with secret compartments. You can conceal your firearm safely and securely, but have it close for quick and easy access.

  2. On-the-Go Storage Options — Whether you use your guns for hunting or tactical use, you’ll want a way to carry your weapons on the go. You may opt for a holster for open or concealed carry, a well-fitting rifle sling that makes long hikes comfortable, or a gear bag that sports handy padded compartments and interiors that will protect your firearm.

  3. Maintenance Kit — If you plan on taking apart your firearms for routine care, maintenance, or to add accessories, you want to invest in the right tools specifically made for guns. Avoid using other tools since they could damage your weapons.

  4. Cleaning Supplies — Every time a gun is fired, it leaves a small amount of residue of lead and carbon on its surface. Corrosion can occur thanks to moisture surrounding your firearm. Not to mention the oils that are left behind from handling it. Because of all of this, a gun cleaning kit is essential.

  5. Dehumidifier — Speaking of moisture, it’s important to keep your firearms dry while they’re stored, especially if you live in a region with high humidity.

  6. Protective Eye and Ear Gear — Always wear eye and ear protection to avoid injuring yourself when using your gun. The decibel level of a gunshot is similar to thunder and can damage your eardrums. Additionally, shrapnel from ejected shells can cause injury to your body, especially your eyes.

  7. Training — The two most crucial accessories a gun owner can have are knowledge and training in safely using their weapon in various scenarios. Continually educating yourself in self-defense and tactical use, hunting etiquette, safety protocols, and more is necessary and well worth the investment.

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