5 Pro Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Your Gun

Maintenance is an essential part of owning a handgun, and cleaning your gun is a step that cannot be overlooked.

If you want your guns to last as long as they possibly can, avoid common issues associated with poor maintenance, and work to their fullest capabilities, taking care of them regularly is crucial. 

One of the most essential steps in firearm maintenance is cleaning your weapon. While this may feel like a tedious step for some, thoroughly cleaning your firearm can be a fun and therapeutic process. If you can’t be out shooting your guns, taking care of them is the next best thing.

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5 Tips for Cleaning Your Gun and Regular Maintenance

The exact steps you’ll take to clean your firearm depend on its make and model. However, many maintenance tips apply to all guns, regardless of the type of weapon you own. Here are some universally applicable care tips:

  1. The Owner’s Manual is Your Friend — If you are new to your particular firearm or need a refresher on assembling and disassembling your piece, always consult your owner’s manual. It holds everything you need to know about your gun and more, so don’t be afraid to use it. If your weapon is pre-owned, it may not have come with a manual, but you can always request one from the manufacturer or find one online.
  2. Prepare the Area Ahead of Time — Before you disassemble your firearm for cleaning and maintenance, collect all of the supplies you’ll need and set up your workstation. That way, you won’t have to keep getting up to grab something and interrupt your workflow. Set up a space with good lighting, ventilation, and plenty of room to spread out.
  3. Use an Organizer for Loose Components — As you disassemble your gun, you’ll have a lot of small parts, such as springs and screws. Don’t chance losing or misplacing them! Use an organizer with small divided sections to help you manage all the pieces and keep track of everything.
  4. Make Sure the Chambers Are Empty — As a gun owner, safety must be your number one priority, even when you’re cleaning it. Even if you are sure the chamber and magazine are empty, it’s good practice to double-check. Remove the magazine, store all ammunition in your gun safe while you work, and continuously engage the safety feature on your firearm.
  5. Check Your Work and Then Check Again — For the sake of safety and proper function, make sure to double-check your work. Use your owner’s manual to confirm your firearm is assembled correctly. Once it looks good, conduct a quick function test to ensure all mechanisms are working and that nothing catches or prevents firing.

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Cleaning your gun will help to avoid performance issues and lengthen the lifespan of your firearm. If you want help maintaining your weapon, contact SUB M.O.A. Firearms for all your gunsmithing needs. We are located in Henefer, Utah, and can do everything from repairing, building, and cleaning guns. Contact our experienced team to learn more about our services today.